Programs & Services

Albany Emergency Shelter

176 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, NY

Albany Emergency Shelter

Albany Emergency Shelter

The facility provides shelter for single men and women over the age of 18. Individuals are assisted on their journey of achieving stable housing and self-sufficiency. With a capacity of 30 beds, the shelter has a year-round occupancy rate of 98%.

Services include: Meals, showers, laundry facilities, case management and life skills groups.

Last Year:

  • 382 total guests served
  • Average length of stay 30 days
  • 44 average age
  • 65% Male
  • 35% Female
  • 115 discharged to a positive living environment
  • 44 guests employed
  • 40 people over 62 years old  
  • 47 people 18- 25 years old
  • 20 Veterans
  • 53% of guests with no income at all upon arrival

Danielle’s House

Apartment 006

218 East Main Street, Amsterdam, NY

The facility offers a year-round mix of emergency, transitional and permanent housing for both individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Services include: Meals, showers, laundry facilities, case management and life skills groups.

Last Year:

  • 60 individuals were helped by the program
  • Danielle’s House became a temporary home for 6 families and 30 households

Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

26 South Swan Street, Albany, NY

Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

A daytime safe haven that provides an array of services for chronically homeless, at-risk individuals and families and low-income residents of the community.

Services include: Daily meal, showers, laundry facilities, case management, life skills groups, mailbox, lockers, clothing pantry, access to telephone, computer and fax and opportunity to meet regularly with onsite providers.

In 2016, 1,541 guests visited throughout the year for a total of 19, 311 visits. The Drop-In Center served an average of 76 people a day and provided the following: 

  • 14,594 meals
  • 3,023 showers
  • 3,172 calls made for business purposes
  • 200 bus swipes
  • 1,815 loads of laundry
  • 180 active mailbox accounts
  • 327 case management cases
  • 21 community meeting guest speakers
  • 15 onsite provider partnerships
  • 62 lockers used over the course of the year

Health & Wellness Program

Operates from the Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Program

Staffed by a Program Coordinator, volunteer RN and multiple BSN interns, the program serves individuals with limited or no access to the mainstream healthcare system. Our partnership with Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center allows us to refer patients in need of same day doctor’s visits if necessary.

Services include: General physical exams, basic first aid, disease screening and testing, illness management and monthly health workshops.

Last year there were:

In 2016, 2 NPs, 8 RNs, and 2 student nurses volunteered in the Health and Wellness Program for a total of 278 hours.

1,580 office visits provided 293 guests with many services including:

  • 667 over the counter meds dispersed
  • 387 blood pressure screenings
  • 127 health referrals
  • 38 Emergency Room referrals
  • 127 physicals
  • 186 minor first aid
  • 28 flu shots administered
  • Links to 52 community health partners

Housing Program


Sheridan Hollow Housing

The program assists homeless individuals and families in achieving success in stable and independent living. Currently, IPH operates three permanent affordable housing sites within the City of Albany.

Services include: Case management with a focus on housing placement and retention through budgeting, good decision making, self-advocacy, resource education and self-care.

Summer Youth Program

Runs during summer months at Sheridan Park

Summer Youth Program - Backpack Day

Summer Youth Program – Backpack Day

Aimed at engaging unsupervised and hungry children of the Arbor Hill and Sheridan Hollow neighborhoods, the eleven-week summer program offers recreational activities, crafts, educational field trips and healthy lunches. The program concludes with a backpack giveaway full of new school supplies to begin the school year with confidence.

Last year:

  • 1,033 lunches served
  • 3-15 age range
  • average 21 per day
  • 90 backpacks donated to children for back-to-school


Holiday Program

Blue IPH tree

Each year, activities and events are held to bring warmth and joy to families in need during the holiday season.

Holiday Celebration – invites members of the Arbor Hill and Sheridan Hollow community to enjoy a warm meal, music, raffles and holiday cheer at our Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center.

Adopt-A-Family Program – enables low-income families to provide gifts for their children during the holiday season.
During December, over 50 meals were donated, groups dropped off donation drives almost daily, and holiday gifts and activities lifted the spirits of shelter guests and tenants.

  • Everyone in the Housing Program received a holiday dinner.
  • Holiday meals were prepared with love for all Emergency Shelter guests in Albany and Amsterdam.
  • 85 guests attended our annual Holiday Celebration at the Drop-In Center
  • 33 families were adopted for the holidays including 4 families in Amsterdam
  • 80 children had gifts to open Christmas morning
  • 40 Safe Haven guests received gifts Christmas morning
  • All individuals in the Housing Program and Emergency Shelter received holiday gifts

Safe Haven

The Safe Haven Shelter, housed in Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless’ Sheridan Hollow Drop–In Center, opened in 2014. The program provides support for those that are literally homeless and have no other options for emergency shelter. It is anticipated that the majority of people served by Safe Haven will have an extensive history of homelessness as well as a history of being unsheltered and staying in places not meant for human habitation, including abandoned buildings, cars, and parks. Without IPH’s Safe Haven, these individuals would be facing freezing weather and extremely limited resources.

Safe Haven cots

The low demand environment will provide a safe place to sleep each night for those struggling with untreated mental illness, addiction, or other complex issues that have prevented them from being successful in traditional shelters or obtaining stable housing. Food will be available and staff will provide the opportunity for guests to engage in case management services.

The program will allow people with no other shelter options to stay at our Drop – In Center building during the night and on weekend days and nights. Each guest will receive a cot, a pillow, bedding, and one meal on weeknights and three meals on weekend days/nights. Guests will also have access to our Health and Wellness, Case Management and Housing Services. Our goal will be to connect shelter guests to important services and assist them with securing permanent housing.

  • 453 of people served during 2016
  • Average of 42 individuals per night
  • 75% male
  • 25% female
  • 28 couples
  • 45 Average age
  • 124 people who found shelter or housing as a result of our services
  • Drop In desk

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