Sister Mavis Jewell Medical Respite

St. Mary’s Hospital, 1300 Massachusetts Ave
3rd floor South, Troy, NY
(518) 268-5070

In March 2017, IPH opened the first medical respite program in the Capital Region. Housed at St. Mary’s Hospital in Troy, NY, medical respite is short term-residential care that allows individuals the opportunity to rest in a safe 24/7 environment while accessing care and supportive services such as: meals, personal care needs, medications, treatments and home care services. While patients are recovering, case managers will also assist in helping to find shelter or housing.

The medical respite program assists an underserved, targeted population that currently lacks access to post-hospital care, and who frequently use the emergency department for non-emergent health concerns. The program is funded in part by Alliance for Better Health Care, Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, Millennium Foundation, St. Peter’s Health Partners, and Friends of Sister Mavis.

The program is named for its strongest advocate, Sister Mavis Jewell of St. Peter’s Health Partners and Daughters of Charity. Her passion for helping the homeless brought her to IPH where she has assisted by advocating, fundraising, and volunteering for over 10 years.

Sister Mavis Jewell, “In 2018, we nearly doubled the number of beds in this program, so now even more guests can heal and recover in dignity while engaging in their own health care, receiving meals, clothing, and important case management.”

Last year, in medical respite:

  • 155 guests served
  • 13 veterans
  • average age 53
  • 136 report having a chronic condition
  • 93 report having mental health conditions
  • 153 guests were covered by health insurance at the time of discharge

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