Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

26 South Swan Street, Albany, NY

Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center

A daytime safe haven that provides an array of services for chronically homeless, at-risk individuals and families and low-income residents of the community.

Services include: Daily meal, showers, laundry facilities, case management, life skills groups, mailbox, lockers, clothing pantry, access to telephone, computer and fax and opportunity to meet regularly with onsite providers.

Last year, 1,674 guests visited throughout the year for a total of 19,862 visits. The Drop-In Center served an average of 77 people a day and provided the following: 

  • 19,832 meals
  • 4,192 showers
  • 2,540 calls made for business purposes
  • 100 bus swipes
  • 1,832 loads of laundry
  • 180 active mailbox accounts
  • 334 case management cases
  • 19 community meeting guest speakers
  • 18 onsite provider partnerships
  • 82 lockers used over the course of the year

There are so many ways that you can help us help others.

We are getting a break from the frigid cold, but our community is still in need. Please consider donating…