Ambassadors 2017

IPH’s Albany Ambassadors have been working hard with our partners at theRep. Be sure to say hello!

Working to Make a Difference

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Medical Respite Grand Opening

Grand Opening of Sister Mavis Jewell Medical Respite,
A program of Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless (IPH) is opening the first medical respite program in the Capital Region.

Housed at St. Mary’s Hospital in Troy, NY, the Grand Opening on March 16th opened the doors to showcase the facilities and resources of Sister Mavis Jewell Medical Respite. The program will serve homeless patients who are hospitalized and upon discharge require recuperative care; however, they do not have access to a stable environment in which to receive on-going care.

The respite program represents the growing role non-profit organizations like Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless have in caring for the health of the most vulnerable in the community. As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, reform efforts like the New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP), administered locally by Alliance for Better Health Care, are bringing medical providers and non-profit organizations together in unprecedented ways. By providing a safe 24/7 recuperative environment for individuals in need discharged from the hospital, the program aims to decrease a patient’s length of stay in a hospital, decrease emergency department visits, and minimize occurrences of readmission.

Medical Respite is short term-residential care that allows individuals the opportunity to rest in a safe 24/7 environment while accessing care and supportive services such as: meals, personal care needs, medications, treatments and home care services. While patients are recovering, case managers will also assist in helping to find shelter or housing.

The medical respite program will assist an underserved, targeted population that currently lacks access to post-hospital care, and who frequently use the emergency department for non-emergent health concerns. The program is funded in part by Alliance for Better Health Care, Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, Millennium Foundation, St. Peter’s Health Partners, and Friends of Sister Mavis.

The program is named for its strongest advocate, Sister Mavis Jewell of St. Peter’s Health Partners and Daughters of Charity. Her passion for helping the homeless brought her to IPH where she has assisted by advocating, fundraising, and volunteering for over 10 years.

Photo credits: Elizabeth Congiusta and Erin Curely


Socks are the #1 requested item by homeless shelters. Bombas set out on a mission to donate 1 million pairs of socks to shelters. IPH was lucky enough to receive nearly 2,000 pairs of brand new socks for our guests.


Thank you Bombas!

Danielle’s House $10k Match

Danielle’s House, an IPH Program in Amsterdam, is kicking off a $10k Match fundraiser to help us continue renovations to the shelter.

Thanks to the generosity of the Neena Rao Charitable Corporation, all donations made to our campaign for Danielle’s House will be matched up to $10,000. With the matching program, every dollar raised will have double the impact!

You can help IPH finish the renovations to make Danielle’s House feel like home for our guests. Help us to kick off our matching campaign by donating to:

An older three-story building on E. Main Street in Amsterdam houses the programs of Danielle’s House. It serves our programs and guests well but is in need of maintenance and improvements. This summer, during the off-season, IPH began repairs.

With a modest $20,000 budget, IPH has replaced the roof, upgraded the furnace, and installed a new hot water heater, blinds, doors, and locks. New furniture was donated for a comfortable shared living room. The staff team is working quickly to finish flooring, paint, and windows before the emergency shelter opens in November, so guests who arrive at the door feel welcome and at home.

Now, there is extensive work to be done to the exterior of the building. Years of neglect have caused the soffits, wood moldings, and porches to deteriorate. Repairs to fix the damage and clean the brick are necessary and costly.

We need your help to fund the project. IPH is kicking off a fundraising campaign to finish the work.

Please consider making a donation

Want to do more?

  •  Become a Danielle’s House Champion and start a fundraising page or team page
  • Share the link to our fundraising page with your email and social media contacts
  • Hold an event such as a bake sale or dress down day at work in honor of Danielle’s House


Repairs have started but there is more work to do. Thank you for your contributions!

Danielle’s House reception 2016

Danielle’s House, a program of IPH in Amsterdam, is honoring

Michael McMahon

Join us in celebrating with a cocktail reception, raffle, and presentation of awards.
Thursday, October 20
Perrella Art Gallery
2805 State Highway 67
Johnstown, NY 12095


IPH kicked off an online donation drive to raise toiletries and cleaning supplies for our Shelter and Drop-In Center. Help us reach the goal of 200 items by making a gift of goods.
  • Shop online and purchase the items you wish to donate
  • YouGiveGoods will email you a tax deductible receipt
  • All donations will be shipped at the close of the drive directly to IPH
Visit our drive page frequently to check our progress or post a note. Please share our drive by emailing co-workers and friends or on social media to help us meet our goal!

Ambassadors Interview

NEWS10 highlights the Ambassadors Programs of Schenectady and Albany and showcases the outstanding work of the Ambassadors and the benefits of the program.

Life from the bottom up: Program helps homeless strive in your neighborhood

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local ambassador programs give area homeless opportunities to rise from poverty to sustainability.

In a perfect world, there would be a home for everyone and everyone in a home. But there are far too many homeless people who know that simply isn’t true.

Instead, it takes a compassionate community to help get them off the streets. Fortunately, the Capital Region is filled with them.

People from all walks of life have come together to give homeless men and women a chance to get a job and a shot at happiness they had long ago forgotten.

“I really just never trusted people before,” Bob Wishart said. “I love people now.”

No one knows the streets of Schenectady like Wishart and Trevor Wilkes. Both men were homeless. The streets is where they hit bottom but also where life began again at the City Mission in Schenectady.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Wishart said.

“Now they can look up to me and seeing their dad is working and doing the right thing, so it’s important,” Wilkes said.

They have much to be proud of. Wishart has a full-time job as a facilities manager for the Paul Mitchell School in Schenectady.

Both also work as a Schenectady Ambassador, a one-year training program at the City Mission that helped them get drug free, taught them life skills, and put them back to work.

The program began in 2008 when Proctors and the City Mission of Schenectady joined forces.

“People come into the community and don’t know where to park, where to get something to eat, where the bathrooms are in Proctors,” Proctors CEO Philip Morris said. “And [City Mission of Schenectady Executive Director] Michael [Saccocio] said, ‘We could do that. I could train people to do that.”

Ambassadors can be seen wearing matching jackets and big smiles while directing traffic and greeting Proctors Theater goers.

“One of the great things about the Ambassador Program is that you know you are making a difference,” Saccocio said. “You know it because hundreds of people are saying thank you.”

The program has become so successful, the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless started one in Albany in 2015.

“I was kind of in the slumps a little bit,” Albany Ambassador Gary Winbush said. “As soon as I got this job, I thought, ‘I feel nice. I love coming to work.’”

“Listen, I did this in the past, and it didn’t work,” Albany Ambassador Kenneth Hicks said. “Now I can do this and give back to the community, and it makes me feel better.”

The Albany Ambassadors help people cross the street and show them where to park whenever there is a performance at Capital Repertory Theater and Park Playhouse.

Key Bank funds the program so that everyone gets a paycheck. The bank sees it as a way to not only create jobs for the homeless population but also help them strengthen their resumes.

“The hardest thing to do is get your first job, which is what these guys are doing; their first job,” Key Bank Regional President Ruth Mahoney said. “They have references. They are showing up. Then they are ready to get their second job, and then they are able to get off the streets and into the work force. And then they feel good because they are contributing, and everybody wins. It’s a win win.

Key Bank and MVP help pay for the Ambassador Programs. In addition, an ambassador fundraiser is held in Schenectady each year.

 *KeyBank sponsors the Albany Ambassadors Program.

Life from the bottom up: Program helps homeless strive in your neighborhood


Volunteer Appreciation

Sincere thanks everyday to the numerous volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to IPH. We couldn’t do it without you!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” –Helen Keller

Your vast skills and talents have brought joy and necessities to those in need. Lawyers, barbers, chefs, photographers, graphic designers, and many other professionals offered their unique skills and provided important services to IPH and our guests.

IMG_4681 (2)

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” –Aesop  Thank you for all of the big and little moments that have added up to great milestones for IPH.

  • More than 5200 hours of volunteer service
  • Close to 500 volunteers served IPH
  • More than 315 meals donated
  • 540 people serve in our Meal Donation Program
  • 45 volunteers staffed our clothing pantry at the Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center
  • Over 300 hours of service from nurse volunteers

Most popular volunteer opportunities at IPH:

  • Meal Donations
  • Bulletin Board decorating
  • Clothing pantry
  • Donation drives

To learn more about volunteer opportunities visit


A Taste of Albany Interview with TWC

An Interview with JoDee Kenney of TWC about A Taste of Albany 2016

There are so many ways that you can help us help others.

Santas are arriving at IPH all morning with meals and donations. Thank you Morning of Kindness! #IPHpartners