5 New Apartments

The transformation is phenomenal. A few more weeks of construction and IPH will be ready to open the doors of the new Hoffman Family Center, home to Community Connections and 5 apartments for chronically homeless individuals living with a disability.

If you’d like to help with the finishing touches, we’d be honored:http://a.co/iGiKYSE

The former St. Casimir’s School in Albany is undergoing a beautiful renovation that honors the history of the building and the needs of the community. It will open in September 2019 as The Hoffman Family Center. In this building, there are 5 new apartments for chronically homeless individuals living with a disability and our Community Connections program which offers a daily hot meal, showers, laundry, case management, clothing pantry, food pantry, and more.

Summer Wish List 2019

The needs of our programs change as the seasons change. The hot weather can be as challenging as the cold weather. If you are able to help, items can be ordered on Amazon and shipped directly to IPH or to start a donation drive, contact Kara at [email protected].

IPH by the Numbers

Making an impact! In 2018, IPH served over 2,000 guests.

IPH Turns 35

The need was clear. In 1984, homelessness was prominent throughout Albany. Most noticed, many were concerned, but few knew how to help. The Capital Area Council of Churches gathered to discuss solutions, and Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless was formed as a small, one-room shelter in a church basement.

Programs and services expanded greatly over the years as IPH grew to meet the needs of the community, but the organization has never wavered from its roots. Where there is a need, IPH will be part of the solution.

Today, IPH celebrates 35 years of service! Our continuum of care now includes 8 programs. At its core, IPH provides emergency shelter to the homeless in our community while offering additional services such as health and wellness, housing, and the popular Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center, soon to be Community Connections, for those needing additional support.

We continue to expand to meet the community’s needs and have helped transform the Sheridan Avenue landscape. A drive down lower Sheridan shows a vibrant community and beautiful housing. Now, we are making an impact on upper Sheridan Avenue.

Over the last 2 years, you have helped IPH raise nearly $6 million to renovate the former St. Casimir’s school and convent into beautiful buildings that will soon house vital programs. Renovations are nearly complete, and the programs are anticipated to open in the new spaces early this fall.

Whether you’ve supported IPH for decades, years, or months, thank you! Your support provides meals, housing, essential basic care items, case management, and more. As we celebrate our past and look to the future, we honor our roots, our guests, our supporters, and our staff.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;

indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

In honor of 35 years of service, would you consider a $35 donation to IPH? Donate Now

We’re Hiring

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Our programs are growing and we’re hiring! All of our job openings are listed on Indeed.com. Search for Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless for a full listing.

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