Project Soup

Gallons of delicious turkey soup stock were delivered to the Albany Emergency Shelter this morning, thanks to Price Chopper’s Project Soup initiative.

This year, Price Chopper donated 850 turkeys that were used for the 2013 Equinox Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner, which feeds nearly 10,000 lonely, home bound or homeless Capital Region neighbors.  An innovative program, Project Soup, was started by Neil Golub to provide post-holiday meals to those in need by turning left over turkey meat and bones into soup stock.  Together, Price Chopper and Equinox were able to offer 150 gallons of soup to community organizations.

IPH received 30 gallons of turkey soup stock, which will be used for many meals at the Albany Emergency Shelter and Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center.  “We are serving meals all year long, every single day,” said IPH Executive Director, Janine Robitaille.  “Project Soup helps us produce even more hot meals as we see the need increasing over these cold months.”

In attendance to deliver the generous donation were John Pierce, Pierce Communications; Christina Rajotte, Director of Development, Equinox; Stephen Lounello, Volunteer & Events Coordinator, Equinox and Mona Golub, VP of Public Relations and Consumer and Marketing Services, Price Chopper.

Stephen Lounello (Equinox), Christina Rajotte (Equinox), Mona Golub (Price Chopper), Janine Robitaille (IPH).

Stephen Lounello (Equinox), Christina Rajotte (Equinox), Mona Golub (Price Chopper), Janine Robitaille (IPH).



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